Sunday, July 01, 2018

For the month of July you can come in and try 10 of our classes at UFC GYM Blacktown.  Here we have over 50 classes per week PLUS kids and youth programs so if you have been thinking about getting fit or are looking for something different we have something for everyone.

Want to know more about what we offer?

  • Daily Utlimate Training - Daily Ultimate Training.  Our signature high intensity, boot camp style workout.  With a wide range of functional equipment and exercises, every day is different!  
  • Brazilian Jiu jitsu - foundational skills of controlling, self defense and submissions.  Classes in the gi and without.
  • Muay thai - ancient striking art using feet, hands, knees and elbows.
  • Kickboxing and boxing conditioning - basic boxing and kickboxing techniques designed to increase muscular endurance and strength.
  • Judo - Traditional martial arts using trips and throws to take down your opponent.  Performed in the gi.
  • Wrestling - one of the worlds oldest sports, learn the art of controlling, taking and down and pinning.
  • MMA - combine the best arts from BJJ, kick boxing, wrestling and other combat sports.

We also have a full range of life fitness weights and cardio, completer kettle bella and free weights area and hammer strength equipment. 

Contact the club today to get your pass!!

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