Friday, August 11, 2006
Do something!
A conversation I have been having recently has been about motivation. How do you get it and keep it?
I'm not sure but I know what has been working for me.
Outside of these conversations motivation has always been an area of my own life that I have struggled with in the past.
In my early twenties it became something I was constantly on look out for, reading books recommended by friends and family, listening to various podcasts, watching all the motivational videos you can imagine but it never seemed to stick. The motivation would always fade, followed by the disappointment of feeling like it was not going to happen.
I began reading a book called "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F@#$" by author Mark Manson. The book is a great read/listen over all but what really stood out was the "do something principle".
The author suggests that we look at motivation incorrectly. We look at it like this;
Motivation - Action - Result
He looks at it like this;
Action - motivation - Result
He is not the only one making this observation but he does explain it very simply in comparison.
I was surprised how well it actually works. On days where I had no motivation to do anything I started with the smallest task I could find to complete like; making my bed, organising my desk, folding some clothes taking out the rubbish etc..
Anything, anything at all to put me in to motion and with each small completed task the motivation to do more continues to grow.
I'll link an article about it below from Mark Manson on this principle if you want to check it out for yourself.
Do you have any tips you can share? Let us know, we'd love to read about them!

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