Manny's Update

Friday, November 15, 2013
I kicked this off a few weeks ago with the intention of posting once a week and interact with our members here... not sure if you noticed but that did not happen haha
Because of that it became obvious that this weeks post will be about "setbacks". We all have them, they suck and they can not be avoided.
After annoying some nerves in my right foot and not being able to walk for about 10 days, I started feeling sorry for myself.
Thoughts about how something always seems to get in the way or thoughts about how I should have achieved more by now and this time that I had to take off was going to be a major setback.
I realised I get the same thoughts when I am in the gym but a little differently. The thoughts are the same but the stimulus is different, after 1 or 2 below par sessions the thoughts start to creep in about how these 2 sessions have already ruined everything so what's the point of continuing?
This would be a great spot for a motivational quote or a line about giving up is not an option blah blah blah....
The truth is you don't need all of these things because you can motivate yourself if you just fight the thoughts above with visual rebuttals.
I decided to list out what I have completed/achieved in the last 6 months because right now it felt like I had not done much, here is the list:
- Lost 18kgs
- Started new job in new industry
- Learned how to edit videos
- Started BJJ
You get the idea. Each one of those came with their very own set of setback's that I managed to overcome and complete the task.
Looking and thinking back on the journey of each of these tasks helped me put in to perspective what this newest setback is... just another obstacle that will be gone soon enough.
I am interested to hear from anyone willing to share how they deal with setback's or what setback's have you overcome that you are most proud of?

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