UFC GYM BJJ challenge - September 23rd

Sunday, August 12, 2018

UFC GYMs are holding a Brazilian jiu jitsu challenge at UFC GYM Blacktown on September 23rd.  

The challenge will be an opportunity for all UFC GYM members to experience a competition format in a friendly and safe environment.  The focus will be on safe competition and fun.  


Open to male and female BJJ novices (<1 year training) from all UFC GYM clubs. 


Competition format will be as follows:

- No - gi

- submission only.  Refs decision if no submission in regulation time.  For finals matches, EBI rules will apply.

- 5 minute matches - round robin (minimnum of 2 matches for all competitors)

- Weight categories to be set on the day (heaviest X competitors in the first bracket, next X heaviest in the following bracket and so on).

- All submissions legal excluding: toe hold, heel hook, knee reaping, neck/spine cranks, knee bar, calve crank, biceps slicer, wrist lock.  

- no slams and no scissor takedowns, no flyting guard pulls.


Medals and prizes will be on offer as well as stalls and acai shakes.  

Registrations are now closed.


The schedule for the day is as follows:

8am to 8.45am - weigh ins.   Competitors will be allocated to brackets following weigh ins.

9.00am - Announcement of rules and conduct.

9.30am - first match

9.30-12 pm - round robin matches

12.30pm - finals (top 2 in each bracket will proceed to finals)

1pm award presentation and photos.

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