UFC GYM team grappling competition April 7th

Friday, February 22, 2019

Rrepresent your club and register your 5 man quintet team for UFC GYM team grappling event!!!


This will be a great opportunity to test yourself in a fun competitive environment in a cool new format.


How the competition works:

2 teams of 5 will face off in an elimination team event.  Competitor one from each team will start, should one competitor submit the other then the athlete that achieved the submission will then stay on to face the second competitor.  Should no submission occur in the time allotted then both athletes are eliminated.  This will continue until one team has eliminated all members of the opposition.


Both teams will provide their team lists one week prior and the team MUST come under the weight limit.


To see the pros in action check out the original quintet match at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tedwYJxJqjY


Here are the details:

  • No-gi
  • White belt/novice grapplers only (sorry blue belts we will get you in the next one!) 
  • Novice IBJJF rule set
  • Team combined weight of 420kg or 380kg (we are aiming for 2 divisions).
  • Weigh in on the morning.
  • All 5 members representing the team must be from the same club (decided by primary club of training and membership)
  • 5 minute rounds.  If the weight difference exceeds 10 kg then the match time will be reduced to 4 minutes.
  • Stalling in standing or closed guard will be limited to ensure progression and exciting matches!! 
  • If the 5th position athletes on each team do not achieve a submission at the end of time then a tie breaker match will come into play!!!

Entry fee will be $100 per team with medals and prizes on offer!!!

When registering nominate:

  1. The names of the 5 competitors.  6 members can be nominated initially but only 5 can compete on the day.
  2. The club you will represent
  3. The combined weight limit (either 420kg or 380kg)
  4. Team representative will need to provide their phone number and email.

So chat with your club coaches, organise your team and provide your expression of interest by March 8th.

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