Boxing for Kids

Wednesday, November 4, 2020
Boxing for Kids

Boxing…It’s the go-to workout for models, actors, busy mums, millennials and more. Boxing as a workout has become popular because it provides the best full body, fat burning workout and challenges you both mentally and physically. With benefits like muscle toning, torching calories, and relieving stress, it may seem like a workout fit for adults, but Boxing is actually an extremely effective workout for kids as well.

Here are 4 reasons why you should consider a Boxing Class for your children.

1. Stress Relief

Adults aren’t the only ones with stress, kids suffer from stress too! Whether it’s bullying, keeping up in school, or sports performance, kids are faced with stress daily. Boxing class provides a positive outlet where this stress can be relieved. Hitting a punching bag produces a response in your body that helps to relieve tension, hence the reason Boxing acts as a great form of stress relief.

2. Power & Coordination

Boxing is a workout that requires your whole body to be present, including your mind. Correctly thrown punches use your legs, hips, glutes, core, oblique’s, back, shoulders, chest and arms. Using all of these muscle groups at the same time requires a good connection between your brain and your body, an essential learning for children in any sport or activity. The mind body connection learned through Boxing can transfer over to other sports and activities your child participates in.

3. Build a Stronger Body

Children need resistance training in order to build stronger bones. The good news is, children will be exposed to resistance training in Boxing class! In Boxing, using punching bags provide resistance as does your own bodyweight when you perform a sit-up or pushup.

4. Improved Confidence and Self-Esteem

Mastering the techniques involved in boxing can be a difficult task, but once achieved it often makes kids feel pretty good and proud of themselves! Technique is a main component that UFC GYM Coaches focus on in their Youth Boxing classes. As a child’s Boxing technique improves, the more power they can put into their punch. Nothing boosts your confidence more than the noise you hear when you land a strong punch on a Boxing bag!

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