Should your Gym offer Exercise Classes for your Kids?

Wednesday, November 4, 2020
Should your Gym offer Exercise Classes for your Kids?

Many gyms rely on an adults-only environment when it comes to training and classes, and relegate kids to daycare or “freeform group exercise” that's mainly running around in an open space.

But giving kids the opportunity to build skills and enjoy fitness, both in and out of school, will always be important. Here are three reasons that your gym should offer exercise classes that focus on youth fitness:

1. Create Great Habits, Inside and Outside the Gym

Take a second to think about your own workouts, and how energized you feel when you make the effort to be healthier, get stronger, and build your endurance. Kids need those benefits just as much as adults — maybe even more, in some cases.

By giving kids the power to take control of their health choices, it often changes their confidence levels, understanding of teamwork, mental sharpness, and sense of motivation. Youth classes that are led by experienced instructors trained and certified in youth-specific techniques are vital for creating a safe, effective workout that's about much more than building strength and agility.

2. Find a Way to Redefine "Family Time"

Whether you're choosing a class that's perfect for the whole family to join, or working out while your kids are learning Youth Mixed Martial Arts or doing Youth D.U.T., you're sending your kids a message that the gym isn't a parents-only place that excludes them. By going together, you're setting an important example to them that family time matters, and that you want to make the most of it in a way that's healthy and fun.

Let's face it, busy schedules for both kids and adults are putting the squeeze on families. For many, they're lucky to get a Sunday dinner together, much less time during the week to connect with each other. Joining kids for a class or spending some workout time together allows you all to focus on fitness while getting in some much-needed family time.

3. Build Skills That Last a Lifetime

As much fun as it might be for kids to get that free-range time to run around in open spaces, there's an incredible benefit to being trained in a specific style of exercise, such as yoga, boxing, wrestling, or martial arts. Not only do they develop discipline and consistency, but also flexibility, emotional control, patience, attention, and resilience. Who couldn't use more of those attributes? Think about what a head start on life your kids will have if they strengthen those inner resources as much as their bodies and minds.

Classes offer kids the ability to build respect for themselves, their classmates, their teachers, and their families. They're not looking to get ripped or go out for some junior version of Tough Mudder — they have different goals than adults, and those goals center on skill building that will carry them forward for years, maybe even decades.

Offering youth classes is a way that a gym shows its dedication to the families that it serves, and the kids who will be taking on leadership roles in the not-too-distant future.