Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Boring workout? Not here! Expect the unexpected when you sign up for Daily Ultimate Training, UFC GYM’s signature high intensity interval training class. Lingo alert: high intensity interval training is commonly known as HIIT.

DUT is one of the most popular classes at UFC GYM for good reason. HIIT can be an incredibly effective way to work out and to see the body composition and fitness results you want. To realize these results and be effective, it’s important to train correctly. Workout with confidence. Each DUT class is planned and led by a certified functional fitness coach, following the guidelines developed by our expert Program Directors.

Every DUT class begins with a dynamic warm up to get your blood flowing and body ready for the workout ahead. This initial warm up is a key part of class and helps to prepare your body for exercise - so do not be late! After proper warm up, your Coach will demonstrate the exercises that need to be completed. Participants move through timed interval stations that keep the body and mind guessing. No two days are alike! Your Coach will utilize a variety of different modalities and equipment. Need a modification? Please discuss this with your Coach before class gets started to ensure you have a safe workout experience. Always remember to go at your own pace.

Our ultimate high intensity interval training class often takes place on the turf. Ask the front desk where to go when you check in. The wide variety of equipment utilized in DUT can include anything from free weights and barbells, to TRX Suspension Training, battle ropes, Bulgarian Bags, kettlebells, medicine balls, rowers, and much more. Whether your circuit involves equipment or the simple but powerful use of your own body weight, each DUT class will help build a foundation of strength, coordination and overall athletic ability. Develop a body that is functionally fit and supports your everyday activities.

The best part of DUT? It provides more than a workout. It’s a full learning experience with a small group of like-minded fitness enthusiasts. Focus on safe technique and physiological function, while forging new friendships with other members in class.

Pro Tip: Up the variety factor and find your fit by trying DUT with as many coaches as you can. By switching up your routine and style of training, the body is kept guessing.

Looking to burn calories? Build endurance? Improve your mobility, knowledge, and social rapport? DUT is the class for you. Just remember: If you’re not working your hardest, you’re not doing HIIT.