Saturday, December 01, 2018

🚨🚨 Awesome effort to everyone who participated in our second 8 week Transformation Challenge!

We had so many members get started on this challenge and we are so proud of everyone who gave it a go! 👌

You all turned up in each class and trained hard and brought so much energy and enthusiasm to our classes. Our culture is growing as a Health Club and as a community and it’s a big thank you to all our awesome members who make our club feel so special.

As staff, we love coming to work and being around such a positive group of people driven towards results and we will continue do our best to make sure our members get the best possible experience every single time you visit our club. 😄

Our winners 👇🏻

Best male: Scott Ashton 🔥
📍 Coach Tim

Runner- up: Lachlan Jones 🔥
📍 Coach Cameron

Best Female: Jennifer Freeman 🔥
📍 Coach Lachlan

Runner up: Shannett Fischer 🔥
📍 Coach Cameron

Congratulations to our coaches - Cameron, Jess, Lachlan and Tim for the hard work and dedication shown towards our members throughout the Challenge.

We can't wait for the next one. 🔥🔥