What is UFC GYM?

UFC GYM is a different type of fitness centre that helps you to TRAIN DIFFERENT. With exclusive access to UFC athletes, ongoing analysis of their training and nutrition regimens, and their incorporation as program advisors and coaches, UFC GYM makes elite training available to everyone.

We help people tap into their potential by fusing the multi-disciplined approach of mixed martial arts with state-of-the-art equipment and top-notch coaching. Regardless of age or fitness level, we help you own your goals with strength, courage, and discipline.

Above all, we are a family-friendly fitness centre where members enjoy a wide variety of workouts.

What makes UFC GYM Franchisees Stand Out?

UFC is something totally new and innovative in the popular health and fitness industry.

We incorporate mixed martial arts centres where members learn boxing, kickboxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai and a variety of MMA inspired classes. We take the training techniques a fighter would use to get in shape and adapt them to the general public. Our members get fit, not hit.

Above all, we urge our members to TRAIN DIFFERENT and motivate them to achieve their goals.

UFC GYM franchises offer unique workouts to health, fitness, and wellness customers. Most of our fitness coaches have competed professionally in mixed martial arts or have trained for years. Customers train together and support one another while learning new skills and building strength with the supervision and encouragement of these fitness experts.

What Will Your UFC GYM Look Like?

UFC GYM is a new take on your neighbourhood gym, harnessing the global appeal of the enormously popular UFC® brand with everything fitness enthusiasts want, all in an 800 sqm – 1,200sqm.

When you walk into a UFC GYM, you’ll see intense group workouts. Customers spread across the gym’s floor performing pushups or lunges, counting in unison, and moving quickly from one station to another for a 60-second interval of exercises.

There are not many people hanging out in the weight room or walking on treadmills. Instead, UFC GYM members enjoy an intense workout. Mothers and daughters build strength and endurance in a kickboxing class. A father and son practice their Brazilian jiu-jitsu moves in the Octagon. The gym is hopping early in the morning, during lunch, and after work.

UFC GYM's don't need the huge amount of space that more traditional gyms use to hold fleets of stair climbers, exercise bikes, and treadmills. Smaller sizes of 800 sqm – 1,200sqm work well as our members gravitate toward group activities and coaching delivered by MMA experts.

Getting Members

The rising popularity of practicing MMA and the increasing fan affinity for the UFC position UFC GYM as the premier choice when exploring the fitness business. Plus, with UFC GYM’s exclusive access to UFC athletes, ongoing analysis of their training and nutrition regimes, and integration as program advisor and coaches, UFC GYM is the only fitness club that can make elite training available to everyone.

Unlike most gym franchises, which rely almost solely on membership income, UFC GYM franchise owners benefit from recurring revenue from monthly membership dues and personal training sales, along with quality merchandise sales that include apparel and training equipment, providing the owner multiple revenue streams, many of which support customer retention, as well as the ability to maximize revenue per customer.

What Training and Support are Offered?

UFC GYM isn’t looking for an entrepreneur to recreate the wheel. We’re looking for someone who will stick with our tried-and-true guidelines. Our relationship with our franchise owners is built on trust. We provide the tools necessary for success. If our owners follow our system, their gyms will come to life.

When you become a UFC GYM franchise owner, you will receive classroom training to help you understand the systems and procedures for running your business, and the key performance metrics that show the health of your business. We’ll prepare you for staffing your gym and marketing your gym to new and existing customers. Once you get started, you’ll have access to robust ongoing support.

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