WHEN: 6th of October - 20th of November

The Ultimate Fitness Games is based upon a platform of Fitness Testing used by professional athletes and Sporting Teams all around the world that helps establish a personal benchmark, compare to associated fitness norms (and even world records) which allows you to set personal goals for improvements to occur over a 6-week period.

The specific 4 x Fitness Tests introduced link to specific muscle groups, movement patterns and various fitness needs that helps bring purpose to your training. Thus, as you establish a benchmark we give you 6-weeks of training for improvement to occur. But not only with your fitness test scores improve but your strength, fitness and body shape. As you will see below each of the 4 x Fitness Tests allocated have a specific purpose and fitness relationship linked to fitness training goals such as:


  1. 500m Row = Cardiovascular Fitness, Endurance and Power
  2. Standing Long Jump = Leg, Hip and Glute Strength and Power
  3. Push-Ups = Upper Body Push Strength and Endurance (Push-ups)
  4. Plank Hold = Core-Strength


To help support you through the 6-week Games journey you will be tested at the start and end of the 6-week period, and even at various intervals along the way by club staff. You will also receive exclusive access to training programs aimed at helping you improve fitness, strength and power related to the 4-specific tests. These include:

  • Exclusive UFC GYM APP access: 28-Day Strength Training PDF Program including supporting demonstration videos
  • Nutritional Support Videos
  • 6-week 500m Indoor Rowing Training Plan (within this booklet)
  • 6-Week Planks and Push-up Training Program (within this booklet)
  • Various In-club activities and events

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