Covid-19 Information FAQ

Sunday, April 19, 2020



Q. How will I find out when you are re-opening?


A. When there is a directive from the Government that we are able to re-open our clubs, we will communicate with members via email. Information will also be available on our website and our social media accounts.



Q. How is UFCGYM Bankstown supporting members during this closure?


A. While we won’t be seeing you in the gym, we will be right here with you online, keeping you motivated to stay active at home. Connect with us via our website, Facebook and Instagram and we’ll keep your motivation alive. Look out for our Live and pre-recorded workouts, our fitness pros have come together to amp up at-home fitness resources, including live-streaming workout classes including Q&A’s and more.



Q. Will I still be charged for my membership?


A. Our members are at the centre of everything we do at UFCGYM and with that in mind, memberships will be put on Time Freeze until we are able to welcome you back into our club.


Q. Will this affect the duration of my contract?


A. Yes. When your membership is placed on Time Freeze, it is not counted towards your number of debit payments. 

For example, if you have 26 weekly debits remaining on a 52 week (12 month contract) and your membership is placed on Time Freeze for two months, you will have 26 weekly debits (6 months) remaining once billing resumes.


Q. I have paid up-front for my membership how does this impact me?


A. If you have paid in full, your membership has been suspended until we are able to re-open our club. Your membership agreement will be extended once we have re-opened.


Q. I have booked PT sessions what should I do?


A. If you have booked Personal Training sessions with one of our contracted Personal Trainers we recommend that you contact them directly to make alternative arrangements. Rest assured your sessions will re-commence as soon as we’re able to re-open our club.  


Q. I wish to cancel my membership?


A. Your membership has been placed on a complimentary freeze, with no further payments until we are able to welcome you back to our clubs. If at that time you wish to cancel your membership, please visit our club team.

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