Message from the CEO - Covid-19 Virus Pandemic

Saturday, March 21, 2020


To our Valued Members, Staff and our Community,

I wanted to reach out to you directly once all information was at hand. I can now provide you with more substantial insight into COVID-19 and UFC GYM.

I am aware that most of your inboxes have been and continue to be flooded with emails from various organisations. Reassuring you of the hygienic implementations they have in place.

Our clubs are over 1,000 sqm up to 2,000 sqm in size, therefore under the new Government Indoor rules announced by Prime Minister Scott Morrison today (20 March 2020) we can still safely accommodate 250 – 500 people at any given time.

We too, at UFC GYM have these hygienic protocols in place. In fact, we had most of these protocols in place as standard business processes from the onset. These include:

1. A clean towel is required for working out

2. Wash hands before starting and after working out

3. All pieces of equipment are to be wiped down using the anti-bacterial wipes provided, before and after class and in between gym use using all gym equipment, attachments and machines.

4. All classes are limited to 20 participants and require signing into class with the Coach to obtain a position.

5. The class structure will vary to the normal structure due to government social distancing


6. 1 person for every 4 sqm Indoors

Rather than reiterate what you have heard and read dozens of times over the last couple of weeks, I’d like to focus on the 4 Key Reasons you should Keep Exercising during these unprecedented times.

The Corona Virus outbreak has had some people wondering whether it is safe to work out in the gym. There is overwhelming information supported by the Federal Government that the Gym is a safe place. Even safer with the implementation of Social Distancing and good Hand Hygiene, all of which have been implemented in all UFC GYM’s across Australia.

In general, exercising is good for the immune system, decreases stress and provides a social outlet. The following 4 points* are backed by evidence and highlight the benefits of going to the gym during this time:

1. Physical activity and exercise can help boost immune function

2. Exercise lowers stress

3. Physical activity is good for metabolic health, and

4. Gyms are clean and pose no more risk.

If you are seeking further information with regards to your membership, please contact your home club to discuss your options. Our team will assist in any way possible.

This is a truly a unique and challenging time for us all. However, I will remind you that we are in this together Locally, Nationally and Globally. No matter what, we will bind together and get through this with resilience and tenacity. We are UFC GYM and we are all FIGHTERS!

Yours in Health,

Maz Hagemrad

CEO UFC GYM Australia and New Zealand

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