Sunday, October 30, 2022

SHRED CHALLENGE – Staff Script Overview



What is the SHRED Challenge and Myzone?


q  The Shred Challenge is a FREE 30-day weight-loss challenge for members (and non-members) requiring a Myzone belt (MZ-3 or Switch watch) aimed at motivating you to better health and better body as we lead into summer!

q  Myzone is a fitness tracker that monitors your heart rate and tracks and rewards effort and physical activity by accumulating exercise points (known as MEPS) when working at different heart rate levels during a DUT class – where your intensity and effort is shown up on the TV screens (as a motivational guide). 

q  SHRED has a weight-in for participants on 7 November and weight-out on 6 December where we assess body weight changes and announce male and female with best weight loss percentage changes

q  All participants with a Myzone belt will also receive free access to support nutritional videos on the UFC GYM APP along with recovery exercises such as foam rolling videos to keep the muscles and joints mobile and free of tension

q  Either way the Shred Challenge is designed a 30-day motivator to help kickstart and maintain regular classes towards a getting fitter, trimmer and healthier as we head into summer


Members who don't have a Myzone belt

q  Normally $199 we currently have a 25% off sale bring it down to $149 and including  FREE participation the Shred Challenge



q  NON-members with or without a myzone belt can purchase a 30-day membership and a discounted Myzone belt (normally $199 now $149 - that's 25% off - saving $50) allowing access to the SHRED Challenge for FREE.

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