Monday, July 05, 2021


As we go in to our second lockdown yet again the Indoor fitness facilities are shuttered across Greater Sydney, but unlike during the city's first lockdown in 2020, when outdoor gyms were off-limits, the City of Sydney has announced that public playgrounds and outdoor fitness areas will remain open during the current lockdown:

Outdoor fitness groups in Greater Sydney are limited to a maximum of 10 people who must all be wearing a mask.

About the class

If a challenging, team-based workout ticks the boxes, then grab a class token and try Fitcamp. This indoor interval and strength training program is full of variety and suitable for all fitness levels, from the cadet of conditioning to general of the gym! Tone your major muscle groups with our MMA inspired workouts as you’re pushed and challenged through a series of drills with your trainer as your Instructor.


·         Get in on the Fitcamp action for a great alternative to cross training that burns more calories and gets faster results, rain or shine.

·         Increase strength and cardiovascular fitness

·         Functional movements to support everyday activities

·         Full-body workout

·         Increase heart and lung health

·         Team atmosphere

·         Mental Health & Wellness


·         Members: $15 per class (paid directly to the coaches)

·         Non Members: $20 per class (paid directly to the coaches)

 How to book a class?

·         Book Your Class via the UFC GYM AUSTRALIA APP.

What to bring?

1.       Sweat towel

2.       Water bottle

When to arrive?

·         At least 10 minutes before. Please remember to scan in the QR code from your NSW Services app before you start and check out when you leave.

Exercise, indoors or outdoors, remains safe and beneficial during the COVID-19 pandemic, unless you are subject to quarantine.

The following precautions should be observed when exercisin

• Stay at home if you are unwel

• Scan your NSW Services QR code before starting the class and check out after you finish the class.

• Keep a distance of 1.5 to 2 metres between people when walking, running or doing activity where you are puffing hard

• Do not touch outdoor surfaces such as playground equipment or park fitness equipment

• Wipe down your equipment after you use it using our hygiene baskets.

• Wash or hand sanitise your hands before and after activity.

There are major benefits to exercising during this time: exercise will improve your psychological wellbeing, optimise your immune system, reduce the impact of chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure, reduce the feeling of social isolation and add variety to your day.

This, however, needs to be done with some good sense and physical distancing from each other so we reduce the chance of spread of COVID-19 – optimising, not risking, our health.

Australasian College of Sport and Exercise PhysiciansExercise & Sports Science Australia,  Sports Medicine Australia.

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