Thursday, March 25, 2021

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a self-defense based martial art that forces the practitioner to work out their entire body and mind. While adults may come first to mind when thinking of this sport, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is also a great practice for children. While the list of reasons you should sign your child up for UFC GYM’s Youth BJJ Program is endless, here are a few of the program’s key benefits:


Children and adults will instantly make friends on their first day. They will have strong role models by engaging with our instructors and with our senior students. BJJ brings a new level of physical fitness, personal safety, and confidence to all our members.


Unfortunately, bullying is very common. However, through BJJ students can build the confidence to stand up for themselves and gain their self esteem back. Students will learn techniques that will navigate them through any bullying situation. Our goal is to end bullying for men, women, and children.


Students learn how to apply what they learn in BJJ in their everyday life. We teach students how to apply principles of martial art training in all different areas. Students are expected to be disciplined in and outside of class.

By encouraging our youth to get good grades and practice good manners, we are developing our students to get ready for adulthood. We teach children the importance of being on time, well dressed, groomed and attentive. Respect, honour, courage and discipline is what we instil in our program. This structure is the pinnacle of what we desire have on and off our mats.


BJJ is an individual sport when competing, but the amount of teamwork needed to get students ready is crucial to a successful performance. Our students who choose to compete have the support of our entire BJJ network.

We truly believe every parent and every child should learn BJJ. Through team work and the guidance of our instructors, the fundamentals of BJJ can teach our children how to do anything they put their mind to and work hard at. Sign your child up for a BJJ class at UFC GYM today!