Is an MMA Workout the Best Full Body Workout?

Wednesday, November 4, 2020
Is an MMA Workout the Best Full Body Workout?

There are so many different workout routines out today, but how can you find the workout that best suits your body type? MMA athletes are trained and conditioned to use their entire body for a successful outcome in the octagon and a full body workout is the best way to your ideal body. Here we breakdown three different MMA fighters -- all with three different body types to help you find the best full body routine that’s right for you.

Strength-based MMA Workouts

The entire UFC roster is compiled with a broad spectrum of shapes, sizes and identities, but some might be more surprising than others. Take for example, women’s bantamweight fighter, Cat Zingano. Zingano, 33, remains in the top tier of her division, and at 61kg, she maintains a high workout routine of Brazilian jiu-jitsu. She also balances her workouts with another full time job: being a mum to her son.

One workout staple she practices is a one armed medicine ball toss.

The movement utilizes your entire body -- engages legs, core, and of course arms and shoulders. To complete the workout get a medicine ball -- find a weight that’s easy enough to toss with one hand, but challenging enough to create a struggle. (It’s okay to use both hands!) Place the ball into one of your hands and toss the ball as hard as possible. Have your legs at shoulder length distance for leverage and balance. Let the ball hit the wall and fall to the ground. Pick it up safely and repeat for ten reps.

MMA Workouts for your Core

Conor McGregor might be the most charismatic fighter in UFC history. He’s an anomaly in his skill set, but at 66kg, 5’9, the 27 year old is just below the nation’s average height and weight (but clearly McGregor’s not average). McGregor’s small frame, however, is pushed to its limits with successful results: today he stands as the undisputed UFC featherweight champion. McGregor uses his lightweight frame to complete innovative workouts for maximum results. One of his core routines are these outrageous inverted crunches.

Like we said, McGregor is an anomaly, but thankfully no one expects you do to his style of crunches. You can, however, perform a similar full body crunch. Lay on the ground with your legs straight and just slightly off the ground. Perform a basic crunch with the top half of your body (hands behind head), but when you’re moving in, bring your knees up towards your head performing a full body crunch. Lower your body into a slight “V” shape, and put your legs back into the starting position. Repeat for a set of ten.

Cardio-focused Workouts

At 6’1” and 70kg, “Cowboy” Donald Cerrone might be the hardest working fighter in the UFC today. In 2015, Cerrone competed in four UFC bouts - double the average number for a successful fighter. So how does the Cowboy keep his entire body in shape? Running. Cerrone has used the cardio classic as a means to cut weight before a fight, build endurance, and maintain low stress on his strength. And if you’re not the running type, Cerrone mixes up the long kilometres for the pool and swims. The low-impact workout puts your entire body into motion and giving you impactful results.

If running or swimming just aren’t for you, there are many ways to get in some Cardio. We recommend trying some fitness classes to see what is the most interesting for you. You can start with a basic class like Zumba or Yoga, or try classes that incorporate intense cardio with strength training, offering a true full body workout, all in one. Try Daily Ultimate Training or kickboxing conditioning to start.   

If you think you’re ready for a full body workout, there are a number of full body style workouts that will help get you to your ideal shape. Try them all at UFC Gyms.