Let's Move More in May

Wednesday, November 4, 2020
Let's Move More in May

FREE 31-Day Workout + 25 Push-ups a day Challenge




Start Date: 1 May 2020

All gyms are closed, normal social activities disappeared and many of you maybe working from home. We all know how important physical activity and exercise for your physical and mental health and wellbeing. So, to help keep you on top of your fitness and stay motivated during this unique period of time UFC GYM AUSTRALIA has put together ‘Let’s Move More in May’ - FREE 31-Days of Workouts plus 25 x PUSH-Ups Day Challenge.  This includes:

Instructional summary booklet
Daily workout calendar for 31-days of Workouts (linked daily)
Daily Exercise Videos (on UFC GYM Australia Youtube Channel and associated social media)


Steps to how you can get involved*

1. SUBSCRIBE to the Youtube Channel – UFC GYM Australia – for direct access to all workouts in May plus additional video support for UFC GYM

2. FOLLOW us on Instagram at:   #letsmovemoreinmay  (also #ufcgymaustralia)

3. DOWNLOAD a digital version of the Let’s Move More in May Calendar - FREE 31-Days of Workouts plus 25 x Push-ups a Day Challenge on UFC GYM Australia Facebook page or associated social media channels. Print out and place a copy of 31 Day Calendar on your fridge as a personal accountability sheet for recording Daily Workouts completed, plus the 25 x Push-ups a Day Challenge)

4. FOLLOW the UFC GYM Australia Facebook and/or Instagram pages each day (along with your own UFC GYM channels) for more information on completing individual exercise challenges

5. CHALLENGE yourself to do the nominated exercise on each day during 31-days of May anytime across the day (knowing you can also choose another workout of the day from the playlist provided based upon your needs or option to undertake LIVE workouts with your own UFC GYM at a set time or with your Personal Trainer)

6. SHARE: Use the hashtag #letsmovemoreinmay posting photos and videos to socials and if you are sharing you challenge through stories, be sure to also tag  #UFCGYMAUSTRALIA or your local UFC GYM, that way we can re-share your posts onto our channels.

7. INVITATION: Invite a friend to do the challenge with you virtually. Set a time each day to Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp or Facetime and complete the workout together

31-Day Workout Calendar Instructions*

Medical Disclaimer: If you have a pre-existing injury, physical disability, joint or muscle pain or other health concerns we recommend you obtain medical clearance from your doctor before starting on this exercise plan.

1.  DAY 1:

PHOTOS - At start of challenge, take 3 photos of yourself on May 1 (front, side and rear views)
MEASUREMENTS - Record your current body weight in kilograms and take a few measurements around the body (waistline, hips, chest, arms etc).
PUSH-UP TEST^ - Record how many push-ups you can perform without stopping (place on the calendar page and post on social media with photos or videos).
RECORD and POST: Record and post your May 1 ‘Push-up’ test score, post photos and measurements up on social media platforms #letsmovemoreinmay as a way to make a commitment to the challenge for 31  days

2. DAY 31: Repeat the above (Step 1) on Day 31. Compare the improvement in your strength and your body shape and/or weight

3. WARM-UP: Prior to all daily workouts (and Push-ups challenge) completion of the 5-Minute Dynamic Warm-up Routine Video is required (via UFC GYM Australia YouTube Channel)

4. WORKOUT: After warming up all workouts are short and intense ranging from a 4-Minute Tabata round up to 12 Minute HIIT and 15 Minute Yoga workouts. Accordingly, each workout can be repeated 1-5 times. Being an exercise video, you can pause the workout at any time for a rest or recovery before re-starting; you can rewind, replay or re-do the whole video again to increase workout time. Whilst the coach maybe working harder or faster adapt to complete the time on task by modifying your workout accordingly to your current fitness level. That’s the flexibility on offer that allows you to workouts anytime of the day for 31 days.

5. EQUIPMENT NEEDS: Most workouts focus primarily on body weight only. In some circumstances one or two exercise may include common items such as a skipping rope or dumbbell or resistance band. If such items aren’t available adapt accordingly holding bottles of water or similar object to add some load or simply skip without a rope or do star jumps

6. ^DAILY PUSH-UP CHALLENGE: Anytime across the day complete 25 x Push-ups in total. If you are fit aim to complete the total in one sequence after your workout. If you need to improve your strength levels, you can spread the total reps across the day from the morning to the evenings such as completing 5 reps, 5 times across the day. The Push-up itself can be completed on hands and feet or hands and knees on ground; it can also be completed with your hands resting on your kitchen bench and feet on the ground – whichever way you choose your goal over the 31 days is to improve your total overall score from Day 1 to Day 31. What matters is that you complete the overall 25 x push-ups a day within the 24-hour period. (Note: If push-ups aren’t for you - try 25 x abdominal crunches a day)

7. COOL DOWN: Afterwards, it is recommended complete the 14 x Foam Roller Drills Video and Stretching

8. SOCIAL MEDIA: Regularly post photos and videos and stories up on social media and tag your friends also using the tag #letsmovemoreinmay

9. FREE NUTRITION AND DIETRY ADVICE: Enrol at: www.livelighter.com.au


Thanks for following UFC GYM Australia. Please find attached a free copy of the 171-page Core Fitness ebook for you as a free gift from us to you - valued at $44

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