Monday, November 15, 2021

Whether you’re in the middle of a workout session or reflecting back post-sweat, it can be difficult to accurately tell how much energy you’re expending, objectively gauge how effective a workout is or how hard you are really working. Today’s technology options, such as heart rate monitors, remove the guesswork and help you hit your goals. While heart monitors are not a requirement for an effective workout, they certainly help you monitor your progress, provide a barometer of intensity, and accurately track information to set goals.

Each fitness tracker is different and may offer a wide variety of features above and beyond monitoring heart rate. These features may or may not be of use to you based on your goals. Most include real-time heart rate tracking which can be incredibly useful. In addition to the ability to track your heart rate while exercising, a fitness tracking device can also provide information about your resting heart rate – helping you understand your overall cardiovascular health.

Heart rate monitors can help protect against overexertion when exercising. Over-exercising can lead to burnout or injury. A heart rate that is higher than expected before, during, or after a workout can be a signal that your body needs to get conditioned and ramp up slowly or under the supervision of a professional. Having analytics on your efforts allows you to connect with your body and exercise safely and effectively while reaching your goals.

While there are more fitness tracker devices hitting the market, with various features and body placements such as rings and bicep straps, two popular options for heart rate monitors over the past decade have been fitness trackers worn on the wrist and chest strap monitors.

So, which to choose? For accuracy, a chest monitor is often suggested. UFC GYM utilises a chest strap from MyZone in most classes. It easily connects to your phone and results are displayed in real-time on large screens so you can work out your own way! Every workout is followed up with a summary email to help you see your effort. Detach and go phone free, with built in memory, MyZone still tracks your progress. Challenge yourself, compete with other users in class or connect with friends and stay motivated through MyZone’s social feed. The more you use it, the better your ability to see your trends and reach your goals.

When it comes to optimising your workout session, data is key! Speak with the front desk at your local UFC GYM to learn more!