Wednesday, November 4, 2020


  • Collaboration between UFC Gym and COLAB PHYSIO to help all members take control of their own recovery and to get more out of their training
  • Consists of four high level pieces of equipment including the theragun, normatec, gameready and compex
  • The recovery corner facility can be used without having seen a practitioner at COLAB



Air compression recovery system

  • Dynamic compression therapy to improve blood flow and remove unwanted metabolites
  • Normatec uses dynamic compression, which is the pulsing sensation produced through the leg cuffs
  • The mechanism helps transfer and remove the muscle tissue waste and fluids in the body parts after an intense training  session
  • The aim of the tool is help members experience  an therapeutic effect similar to massage, by which the sensation of tightness and  stiffness is reduced from their tissue
  • Additionally, Normatec aims  to increase  blood flow to speed up the recovery process for members and athletes 


Game Ready

Ice and compression therapy

  • Continuous cold and compression therapy to reduce pain and swelling after injury or surgery
  • Cold therapy (also referred to as cryotherapy) promotes vasoconstriction (narrowing of blood vessels) and reduces blood flow, inflammatory actions and edema (swelling)
  • Game Ready technology also helps decrease muscle spasms, metabolic demand on tissues and safely provide pain relief without the use of narcotics
  • The machine comes with a shoulder, arm, and leg cuff to be applied for many injuries 
  • Recommended by health professionals as protocol post surgery, especially with post ACL, meniscus and shoulder reconstruction surgeries



Electrostimulation technology

  • Electrical muscle stimulation to help you train stronger and recover faster
  • When we decide to contract a muscle, our brains send a command in the form of an electrical signal to the nerve fibres
  • This signal is then sent to muscle fibres, which are excited and cause a contraction
  • In the case of electrostimulation, excitation occurs on the motor nerves using electrical impulses externally via the technology
  • The aim of the Compex units is to help alleviate waste products within muscle tissue
  • Comparatively, the unit can be used to improve muscular activation to a certain muscle or joint, especially post-injury



Percussive therapy

  • A deep tissue massage  in the palm of your hand
  • The theragun provides a natural pain-relief strategy in a quick and comfortable manner
  • The different types of heads available with the technology provides the opportunity to use on different body parts
  • More specific areas can be targeted with the smaller heads to reach around the upper back and neck area to assist with stress relief.

Colab Physio
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