UFC Gym and ACPE Announce Partnership

Thursday, November 12, 2020
UFC Gym and ACPE Announce Partnership

The Australian College of Physical Education (ACPE) and UFC Gym have announced a partnership that unites two organisations who share experience, passion, and dedication to delivering excellence.

The partnership aims to create unique learning and employment opportunities for ACPE students and alumni and to deliver a wide range of development opportunities for the UFC Gym community. In addition, ACPE will receive widespread brand exposure across several UFC Gym locations. UFC Gym is the first major brand extension of UFC, the world’s premier MMA organization. As the first to combine the worlds of MMA and fitness, UFC GYM’s TRAIN DIFFERENT approach creates an atmosphere where members can see immediate results and appeals to all ages and training levels. UFC GYM is the ultimate fitness experience, with 10 locations open across Australia, over 12,000 members nationally, and over 130 personal training and skills coaches nationally.

Maz Hagemrad, CEO UFC Gym, is looking forward to delivering new opportunities for ACPE students and alumni;

“UFC GYM has some of the best Training Facilities in the world. In line with this, we are always on the lookout for the best Coaches. We see ACPE as the ideal breeding ground for the Coaches we seek to recruit.”

When asked about the opportunities available with UFC Gym for students and alumni of ACPE, Maz shared; “UFC GYM brings the ‘Train Different’ philosophy to the forefront. Our in-club experience is second to none and students have a unique opportunity to apply their newly acquired knowledge to most elite programming from UFC Athletes.”

Cooba Watkins, ACPE Student, and UFC Gym Bankstown Fitness Manager shared his delight with the partnership announcement and outlined how this partnership has helped him kickstart his career; “I was fortunate enough to meet some amazing individuals while at ACPE. I think, the fact that I was able to be myself on campus and grow into the person I am today helped more than anything. Because the teachers were so nurturing and down to earth, I was able to establish a genuine connection with them… naturally, I was offered the role at UFC GYM Bankstown because ACPE staff knew I’d be the perfect fit. To be honest, I didn’t even know what I needed in a career, but they did.”

When asked what makes UFC Gym a great place for people to work and whether he had any advice for ACPE students and alumni looking to get involved, Cooba went on to say; “It’s a fun atmosphere that is extremely dynamic, there is no gym that combines martial arts with strength training and group fitness like UFC GYM. They have EVERYTHING. In terms of advice, I would say practice good habits now, if you really love helping people and are a bit of a performer at heart there is nothing like it. Prepare to work, and just go for it, the opportunity is waiting for you.” To read more about Cooba Watkins success with UFC Gym click here.

Industry experience is critical in student development, both personally and professionally, and the ACPE Career Development Services ensure that students are exposed to a wide range of opportunities as soon as they set foot on campus. Simone Younis, Career Development Manager ACPE, shared; “It is exciting for ACPE to partner with UFC Gym and I am sure that our students and alumni will enjoy the opportunities that become available through this partnership over time.” The relationship that ACPE has developed with UFC Gym all started with an ACPE alumnus, Paul Collins who is the National Fitness Manager at UFC Gym, reaching out to discuss opportunities. This is a perfect example of how things come full circle and as a result, current ACPE students and ACPE’s wider community can enjoy the benefits. ACPE students, staff, and alumni will be able to enjoy a discounted membership in all UFC Gym locations. Further details on this will be shared shortly.


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