What to Expect in a UFC GYM Youth Class

Wednesday, November 4, 2020
What to Expect in a UFC GYM Youth Class

When someone first hears the letters, UFC, many people assume violence. But at UFC GYM, that is just not the case, especially in our Youth Programming.  UFC GYM’s Youth MMA classes are designed to keep kids active, motivated, and confident. Here are some things you can expect in a UFC GYM Youth MMA class:

1. Full Body Warm Up

Students do various calisthenic martial art based intro workouts to improve stamina, strength, balance, and speed. Students then go through a full body stretch followed by a water break.

2. Discipline

Students are taught discipline through martial arts. We encourage the students to be well mannered and to behave properly on and off the UFC GYM mats. Our MMA classes take all of the most effective techniques shown by UFC fighters in the octagon and bring them right to our students in class. It is our mission to teach real self-defence and build realistic confidence in our students' ability to navigate difficult situations.

3. Teamwork

Students learn teamwork by being a good martial arts partner to their friends in class. Students learn to trust and communicate with peers of all ages.

4. Goal Setting & Achieving

Growth is strongly encouraged in UFC GYM’s Youth Program, especially in our BJJ belt promotions. Students will be challenged with attainable goals, and our Coaches will be there to push them to new heights, mentally and physically.

At UFC GYM, we believe we are responsible for helping raise the next generation of young adults. Our program is geared to create a more courageous and health conscious younger generation.  I would encourage any family to come and enrol at one of our facilities and begin their MMA experience with us.


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