Thursday, February 17, 2022

Hello, my name is Michael Vu.  I am 28-year-old human resources professional working in the corporate world.  I have been training in the UFC GYM Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program for almost 2 years…and I love it!  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or BJJ, at UFC GYM has given me an experience like no other.  Since my job requires me to sit at a computer for most of my day, I need to stay as active as possible in my free time to stay healthy.  BJJ allows me to get a great workout, but also learn a lot about myself and the sport.

BJJ can be practiced as both a martial art and a sport.  Since it was originally developed as a martial art, the principles and techniques teach real life skills that can be used for self-defence.  A fundamental teaching of BJJ is that technique can overcome size and strength.  As a person of smaller stature, I can hold my own against a training partner much bigger than me through leverage. In real life application, the techniques can be used to control and submit an assailant.  The confidence that you can protect yourself that you gain through training is priceless!

Another aspect of BJJ at UFC GYM that keeps me coming back is the camaraderie within the class.  Everyone is welcoming and helpful, from the newest student all the way to the head instructor.  Class is taught in an environment that promotes teamwork and encourages growth throughout.  Everyone’s ego is left outside of the mat and each person is focused on getting better at the sport with each other.  Higher ranked students are never standoffish towards lower ranks and will go out of their way to introduce themselves and help.  If you need to be shown a certain move again, the Coach will be more than glad to show it over and over until you understand it.

Lastly, BJJ can teach you a lot about yourself.  BJJ is a game of chess that you play with your training partner.  You will be in certain positions that will challenge your mind to think of possible escapes or moves that are available.  From there, there can be a multitude of different options you can take to advance your position.  For myself, I like to be in the bad positions, like being pinned or about to be submitted.  At this moment, I try to challenge myself to keep fighting and look for opportunities to escape.  The hard parts of training are  when you are tired and winded, but your opponent still has energy and is still moving.  Your body will want to stop and take a break, but your mind will push you to keep going!

I wholeheartedly believe everyone should try BJJ at UFC GYM.  Everyone from the students and Coaches will welcome you into the class and encourage you to succeed.  UFC GYM has provided a space where beginners and advanced students can safely advance their skills all while getting a great workout!